You are dreaming of your own little café in your hometown? Did you already toy with the idea of opening up a café, turning your hobby into a career and bake for others – with all your commitment and passion? Being your own boss?
In that case the Cuperella franchise system might be exactly what you need.

Cuperella Café is caractarized by its soul, irresistible charme, ever amicable service and ultimate quality of specialty coffees, teas and cupcakes. Alone the furnishing carries the guests off into a fairy tale world, leaving all sorrows behind.
All furnitures are lovingly restaurated antiquity pieces. Mainly women between 16 and 40 feel at ease here but of course also elderly people and men would enjoy this age mix and be delighted about excellent coffee and trendy pastry – freshly baked every day. The central role is obviously assigned to cupcakes, having been immigrated from the “Big Apple” over London eventually to us. Our selection varies on a regular basis and in warm seasons we are refreshing our customers with never before seen/tasted creations made of ice cream, sorbet and parfait.

Of course we keep surprising our guests with selfmade specials in order for them and us to try out new things. In summer refreshing and healthy smoothies promise a cooling off, same applies to the wide range of alcoholfree cocktails. The “Fraperella” iced coffee with its numerous variations happened to transregionally establish a good reputation and is popular at all times. And with the start of the cold seasons the Cuperella fans are anticipating our winterspecials: whether its the White-Choc-Extreme, Amadeus or Marshmallowdream. For all those, who don’t fancy sweets at all, Cuperella would have selfmade bagels (also available for take-away) and the weekend gourmet breakfast for 2 to offer.

The flagship store in Aachen showed its potential already within the first months and continues to grow in different sectors ever since. Catering for weddings, companies and other events are contrabuting to a great part of the company turnover. Wedding cakes are ordered transregionally as Cuperella is famous for meeting the customers requirements at all times. We can count various well-known companies to our customers and this has fastly been recognized by WDR 2, Vox and other TV and radio channels who already broadcasted from our location.

Fulfill yourself the ultimative dream – your own Cuperella at your hometown. Become a member of our team, we are looking forward to meet you!

Our franchise systemcon2

Cuperella café occupies a lucrative niche within Germany. While in the US franchises for cupcakes and other bakingtrends have been well established long time ago, there are a small number of such cafés in Germany but no franchise systems at all. Moreover, German confectioners have a reputation for being old-fashioned and their offer barely appeals to young people.

Other systems only offer convenience products alongside their specialty coffees and place their bets on profiting with “to-go” and “self service” products.

Cuperella-Cafe-Couch Kopie WEB

Our product portfolio contains:

Cupcakes, Cake pops, Jumbo Cupcakes, Mini-cupcakes, Macarons, Cakes, Specialty coffees -freshly grounded and brewed, fair traded, Espresso varieties, Latte Macchiato varieties, Tea variaties, freshly brewed – pyramid-shaped tea bags, organic and fair trade, Cocoa specialties, Amadeus, Marshmallowdream, “Schoko-Schaumkuss”, White-Choc-Xtreme and a lot more, Bagels, Tutti Frutti, Da Vinci, Lachserella and a lot more… 

 And of course we are organizing many events: Wedding receptions,Engagement parties, Baby showers, Cupcake workshops,


“Decorate your own cupcake” parties, Hen nights, big company events and a lot more! 

What you need in order to get into our franchise system: 

If you want to successfully open up and manage an own Cuperella branch, you should first make sure to fulfill the core conditions and be certain of what you are actually expecting for now and the future -we take the time to discuss all this with you in detail. Nevertheless, here some basic things you should give thoughts to:

  • - You are truly identifying yourself with our brand, atmosphere, style and of course our products?
  • - You are willing to remain involved at all times which is most essential for the initial phase? Whether it’s the daily unlocking and cleaning the café, daily closing or the accounting? 
  • - Of course you will hire some helping hands from the start, but you have to plan on shortages as the staff turnover in the food service industry is quite high. You therefore might need to fill in often. Our early experience is that in this line of business the boss needs to be present at all times, since it’s not easy to find realiable and experienced staff to cover for you. Again, this would be most essential in the initial phase
  • - A well-groomed appearance is self-evident
  • - Endurance
  • - Optimism
  • - Most important for your own Cuperella: Commitment and passion!
  • - Openness towards customers and guests and of course communication skills. If someone feels the urge to complain,
  •   you need to keep calm, listen and make the customer feeling heard. Many things can be improved, few can’t. 
  • - Leadership ability. Cheerfulness in the team is important, but sometimes you have to step in and have your way. Somestimes you even need to dismiss staff, which is always a hard thing to do.
  • - Entrepreneurial thinking
  • - Sales skills: Only with this you can boost the revenue. You simply will need active recommendations, new creative ideas and much more.

What differs us from other food service industry systems:

Our strategy is definitely not to multiply, by opening up a café in every town using the same model and concept. Cuperella café already lives off its uniqueness and soul which many guests recognize right away and it has to be kept like that. Herefore we want to create an own little concept for each café together with our partners, in accordance to our corporate design and philosophy of course. Our partners should be able to contribute with their souls, handwritings and visions without letting the café lose its recognition. Like “trophy hunters”, fans shall long to experience the Cuperella creations of each town. As we said before, the limit is solely our philosophy, company colours, logo, little fairytale world etc.

Cuperella-Frühstück-Getränke-57 - Kopie

What you have to contribute and invest:

 You require some courage, equity capital and lots of power and soul to open up your own café. In numbers this means: Equity capital: 30% of the total investment amount, depending on the real estate and its size, which would be between 50.000 and 120.000 € (the remaining 70 % will in most cases be financed by the banking institutions who are offering corresponding development programmes). 

  • Franchise entrance fee: 12.500 €
  • Monthly franchise fee: 6% of the turnover 
  • Monthly advertising costs: none 

In return you will profit a lot as we guide you right from the start. We will create your business plan or rather provide you our established one in order to adapt and modify it accordingly, we analyse location options, accompany you to bank appointments, provide you with our recipes and so on. You will receive the logo printed cups and merchandising products to much more attractive terms than ording them by yourself. These savings and the profits by sparing yourself the “learn the hard way” would amount to several times the franchise fees. And to save money is the foundation of a good franchise.


Our aspiration is to rate our fees on a monthly basis and for you to willingly pay those fees, as you will be saving more than spending and will be receiving qualified and optimized consultation at any time. To profit from new recipes, creations and products is self-evident as well as the possibility for you to suggest new recipes and products of your own. 

Feel free to contact us. We are inviting you to spend a work day at Cuperella café, to get known to us. 

Invest in Cuperellacon2

You want to participate? Working in Partnership with Cuperella means an attractive investment option is awaiting you: Investors wanted for the expansion of Cuperella Café GmbH in Germany, Europe or also other countries. We offer a sound investment with excellent rate of return and containable risks ….learn more about it…..

Become an investor

Attractive investment option: Investors wanted for the expansion of Cuperella Café GmbH in Germany or Europe. We offer a sound investment with excellent rate of return and containable risks. Please feel free contacting us or visiting one of our regular? investor events. Of course the comprehensive business plan, which has been created in cooperation with tax and executive consultants, can be presented to you upon request. Herefore we did not only analyse the town of Aachen and its location, marketing opportunities and other cafés among many other aspects but have also developped a 5 year strategic plan. Feel free contacting us or paying us a visit – take a time out having excellent coffee in a cozy ambience and try out some of our deliscious cupcakes. And please keep reading in order to understand how we are actually intending to capture Aachen and its surroundings. The following sentences are giving a rough insight and are to be considered as “executive summary”. Upon request (via email) we can provide you the comprehensive executive summary with associated figures.

Executive summery

Cuperella Café offers trendy cupcakes and other modern products in its flagship store as well as one of Aachen’s best specialty coffees, self-created trendy drinks (e.g. WAZZI TM) and an unforgettable ambience which mainly women between 18 and 40 but also older clientele are delighted by. The café in Aachen, Pontstr. 40 began operation on 5th August 2012. Aachen has much to offer: Approx. 250.000 inhabitants (21% between 20 and 30, barely 20% over 60) 43.000 students, 15 Mio. daytrippers annually and much more.

The café appears as a little fairytale world in itself. Even the television broadcast “Das perfekte Dinner” discovered this and partially shot at our café, aired on 7th February 2013. All chairs and tables are lovingly restaured antiquity pieces from different epochs, fitting perfectly to the heritage-protected corner house from Days of Youth. The glassed/plain white counter is an elegant contrast and optimally presents the little colourful cupcakes. We cater for all tastes: sweet or savoury, vegan or gluten-free.

Our core product, the cupcake, once immigrated from New York to London and has eventually captured mainland Europe. The cupcake owes its international fandome to the american cult serie “Sex and the city”. In Germany’s large cities you could here and there find cupcake shops but not in Aachen. Beside cupcakes, specialty coffees would be our most important mainstay. A skilled barista brews one of the best coffees in town by using only high quality fair trade products. Service and hospitality are our highest precepts – we offer all products to hightest standards. And to offenders by conviction we are most notably offering good value for money, as most products are fair trade, organic or similar, artificial colours or other harmful substances are rarely used.

The facebook page has already plenty of followers (5.000 likes) and became an indispensable information and marketing medium to us. The café industry is expected to be a very attractive investment. A starbucks store for instance has an annual turnover of 1 Mio. Euros. “Food Service Magazine” (specialised on system catering) announced the Top 3 most growth potential sectors for 2012/2013 as following: Take away, Home delivery and Coffee bars/shops. We are already, or will be, working in all Top 3 sectors.

Our managing director Magdalena Rosa represents the “soul” of the cuperella. She decorates according to seasons and current events, determines the design of cupcakes, cakes, wedding cakes and all other products, while our confectioner (previously working for Schuhbeck in Munich and starred restaurants) bakes those high quality products and also introduces own ideas.

Project “Cuperella” proceeds in 3 phases:

  • Phase I: Opening café in Aachen (done)
  • Phase II: Expension of the café in Aachen (Catering, Window shop, Delivery service)
  • Phase III: Expension in other cities such as Maastricht, Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and in the future also other countries)

If you are interested in investing in cuperella and need some more information please do not hesitate to contact us via email:!